Enjoy Your Life

by Hemingway

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Dream 03:32
i’ve been seeing you in my dreams. now all i ever do is sleep. i never know just what to say, but i like to think that it’s your birthday. haven’t seen you in quite sometime so let me tell you what’s new about my life. i fell in love and work a coffee job and i really wish you could meet my dog. never thought i would ever say. i’m doing fine yeah i’m okay. i guess i owe it all to you for this person i grew into. maybe it’s something i can’t change. felt this way since the 7th grade. waiting for you to come around so you can turn my life right upside down. you never really wanted to go out to see some stupid punk rock show. if you’re ever to say that you want me to stay then i won’t go. no i won’t go. only losers ever fall in love. that’s how i know i’m my mothers son. always knew it would end this way, but your place is still the heart of my everything.
Spoon 03:14
you came here a stranger i fell in love. you took my heart and the feeling of. from once i felt so afraid now i feel so loved when i'm around you. who ever taught you to run? who ever taught you to go? i never thought it be you. i never thought it be. and now you’re running from me.
503 04:11
i’ve been thinking of leaving you for sometime. i don’t think that you love me but that’s alright.
Party 03:09
i tried to talk to you last night but you don’t remember at all anything that we said. you were ready to talk when i was ready to leave you know these thing are really not important to me. then someone threw up, you lost track of the time and every minute i felt like i was going to die. the only thing you said is i never know what to say to you. and i still don’t know why i came here tonight. i should have stayed in bed. there’s something in me that always wants to leave from almost anything. i really don’t want to stay here with you. what is wrong with me?
Mango 03:30
i feel the same. i don't care for much of anything. and the first day i met you i knew just by looking at your shoes. let me feel your hands up and down my spine. i'm so sorry that i'm such a gemini. and i'm selfish and stupid when all i want to be is next to you. and these feeling grow but you know that it's hard for me to say i love you when we're not alone. i'm so scared that i'm pushing you away. there must be something wrong with me because i don't see how you could handle my history and not just leave. and my lack of affection it's not my intention to make you feel this way.


released by counter intuitive records.


released April 13, 2018

recorded and mixed by matt thomson at ivy league recording.
mastered by ryan schwabe.


all rights reserved



Hemingway Portland, Oregon

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