Loneliness Wins

from by Hemingway



it's hard for me to care for you when i feel so low. could you please pretend to care about me too. when everyone i try to love i always seem to lose. only wish you needed me like i needed you. i'm lacking confidence in what you said. still hating myself for hating all my friends. could you tell me exactly what you meant when you said, i could never fall in love again. we always take what we can get no matter where it comes from. just to fall asleep thinking someone loves us. sick of feeling sad over what could have been. i try to bleed it out but it always creeps back in. i try to sleep to escape the feeling of loneliness but it always wins.


from You Will Never Be Happy, released June 23, 2017


tags: punk Portland


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Hemingway Portland, Oregon


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