Pouring In

from by Hemingway



please don't fall asleep. i don't think that i can leave if you don't listen. if you don't listen to me. cause i need you more and i don't care if you believe. please don't tell me. please don't tell me what i think. what do you know that i don't. i want to see you. i want to feel you but i won't. everything is pouring in. i don't know what happen. you just say you never cared like it really matters. and if i see you down the road please don't tell me i was wrong. i know i'm wrong. i'm always wrong. i never saw you when i wanted to talk alone. is it me or someone else i just wanted you to know. i don't feel the way i did. don't tell me that you don't. but why should you. why would you ever care to know. please just fall asleep cause all i want to do is leave. you don't listen. you never listen to me. i needed you more but i don't care if you believe. please don't tell me what you think.


from You Will Never Be Happy, released June 23, 2017


tags: punk Portland


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